Ruiz Galán Alcaidesa

Ruiz Galán Alcaidesa – RUIZ GALÁN LANDS IN ALCAIDESA WITH A NEW SUPERMARKET. Monday to Saturday, from: 9: 00-14: 30/17: 00-21: 00

The renowned supermarket chain opens its new establishment located in the Alcaidesa Shopping Center on March 4. The new establishment has 300 square meters (we can not put more for opening theme) and has among other services: bakery, greengrocer, butcher and cut delicatessen, as well as online store and home delivery. The opening of the supermarket responds to one of the key services demanded by the local community. Ruiz Galán Supermarkets is opening and opening. The renowned chain of hypermarkets achieves the objective of being present in all the neighborhoods of the municipality of La Línea and strengthens its coverage in the most strategic points of the entire Campo de Gibraltar. The new establishment, with nearly 300 square meters enabled, opens its doors on March 4 at the Alcaidesa Shopping Center (Av. De la Hacienda), responding to one of the greatest demands of the residential complex.

Ruiz Galán en Alcaidesa

Ruiz Galán en Alcaidesa

This supermarket is one more proof of the effort and philosophy of Ruiz Galán to provide a first quality service and proximity to its customers; a bet that has become essential during these pandemic months in which mobility has been clearly reduced.

With an investment close to 600,000 euros, Ruiz Galán enters Alcaidesa with force. The new supermarket manages to offer comfortable and accessible services in addition to having the latest technology in cold chains, freezing processes and more environmentally sustainable systems.

The establishment has a butcher and cut delicatessen, greengrocers, bakeries, frozen foods, drinks, all kinds of food and cleaning products, among many other products available, as well as an extraordinary online store service, order and pick-up service and delivery to address.

Its opening is set for March 4, and it will provide service from Monday to Saturday, from: 9: 00-14: 30/17: 00-21: 00. A schedule that will be extended in seasons of more influx in the area, such as Easter or from June to September, in which it will provide uninterrupted service from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (and even until 9:30 p.m. in the summer months, Sundays included). It should be noted that the opening of the supermarket will employ a permanent staff of ten people [a number that can double during the high season]. Undoubtedly, good news at the service level and a constant generator of employment and wealth for the area.

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